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Youth to liberation pipeline

The Youth to Liberation pipeline will be a preventative program that offers an alternative to the policing systems and other systems of care for youth in Vermont. The youth to liberation pipeline will give youth access to safer commUNITY building opportunities, trauma conscious co & self-regulation skills, an educational analysis of white bodied supremacy and racialized trauma and how these intentional obstacles impact their health, well-being, and ability to thrive, and a space to have fun and experience joy, connection, and safety. Youth are held in commUNITY with BIPOC mentors, peer support, and much needed opportunities for engagement in a space co-designed by them and stewarded by people who look like them.

"A child cannot be taught by anyone that despises them."

-James Baldwin

Programs will include

  • Safer spaces for youth to hang out and engage in activities 

  • Programs that share trauma conscious co & self regulation tools

  • Land based activities (maple sugaring, planting, etc.)

  • Ritual and communal based practices

  • BIPOC mentorship & commUNITY building

  • Healthy safe containers for processing grief, trauma, and growing pains

  • Youth created programming

  • and more

We will work with other BIPOC led mentorship organizations,  mental health, DCF, policing systems to create safer opportunities for preventative care and liberation for youth in Vermont.


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