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As part of our vision to create a culture of liberation in Vermont we have thoughtfully curated programming to support folx in developing a shared analysis to begin the process of moving through and beyond white bodied supremacy and racialized trauma.


We hold a collective understanding and deep engagement in Vermont culture and understand and believe that this work can only be done intentionally, moving at the speed of trust, with a lens/ framework that is unique to the characteristics of Vermont, and working with a shared analysis. Our programming supports Black, Indigenous, People of color, White folx, Resource poor folx, and folx with access to generational wealth develop embodied skills to intentionally co create the culture we need to THRIVE in Vermont.

“No one who has ever touched liberation could possibly want anything other than liberation for everyone”

 -Rev. Angel Kyodo Williams

Upcoming Workshops

  • Sat, Apr 24
    Apr 24, 10:00 AM EDT – Dec 19, 2:30 PM EST
    Seeds of Our Ancestors is a 9 month herbal educational program for people of color who are actively seeking to reconnect with nature and reclaim the wisdom of their ancestors as a way to support healing for themselves and their communities.
  • May 10, 6:00 PM EDT – Dec 15, 9:30 PM EST
    Unbodying white supremacy is a year long course that supports white folx in healing from white bodied supremacy, connecting back with the earth, and beginning the process of building the tools and capacity needed to participate in multiracial community and help create a culture of liberation.
  • Time is TBD
    This 7 weeks series introduces white folx to some of the characteristics of white supremacy culture and some of the characteristics of liberated culture.
  • Time is TBD
    Time is TBD
    White Supremacy harms everyone and is performed often unconsciously at the violent expense of BIPOC peoples. This series is intended to untangle our inherited conditioning so that we may bring awareness and radical self-compassion to transform our roots which are deeper than whiteness.
  • Time is TBD
    a 6 week series centering the guidance and wisdom of our ancestors on our path to healing from white supremacy culture.

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Sowing seeds of liberation in Vermont.

Offering life affirming spaces for Black, Indigenous, People of color to THRIVE.


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