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'Seven Days' Food Writers Look Back on 2022’s Unexpected Highlights

I learned of SUSU CommUNITY Farm in 2021 when I heard cofounder Amber Arnold speak eloquently about the need to involve Black and brown people directly in conversations about diversifying land access. It was eye-opening to visit Arnold and cofounder naomi doe moody this summer in Newfane as they and their community started seeing the results of their empowering, collective, land-based movement that expands the definition of what many consider a farm.

SUSU is honored to be included in Seven Days' unexpected highlights of 2022 along with another Black owned Vermont farm, Khelcom Farm. Thank you Seven Days for uplifting organizations and people in Vermont who are elevating our foodways and health through land stewardship. You can read the full article here.

Abdoulaye Niane harvesting eggplant at Khelcom Farm. Photo from Seven Day Vermont. FIILE: JEB WALLACE-BRODUER

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