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Fiscal Sponsorship Announcement

We are deeply honored to announce that, with careful consideration and intentional movement at the speed of trust, we have decided to partner with the Center for an Agricultural Economy as our new fiscal sponsor.

Fiscal sponsorship comes with many facets that most people may not have the opportunity to consider. For BIPOC-led organizations in Vermont looking to become non profits, finding a fiscal sponsor with shared values and a shared analysis is crucial to our success and ability to generate the much needed change and communal resilience that we have been fighting for and building for decades. Fiscal sponsorships create a power imbalance that can be deeply harmful if there is not an acknowledgement of the inherent power dynamics that come up when working across race lines and the historical realities of racism, white supremacy, and cis-heteropatriarchy that impact these structures and systems and how they work to either support or limit social change movements and the people visioning and collaboratively leading them.

As a predominantly Black-led organization in Vermont, we have gained significant insight into fiscal sponsorship and the potential for it to evolve into a generative practice in the future; ultimately creating more space for BIPOC leaders in Vermont to truly bring their visions and work to life.

We believe that Center for an Agricultural Economy’s vision of building a healthy, regenerative food system by promoting local foods and the people who produce them to promote a whole systems approach that meets the needs and aspirations of the community and ensures economic and ecological stability and abundance. Deeply aligns with SUSU’s vision of co-creating a life affirming and culturally relevant platform for Black, Indigenous, People of color, youth, under resourced folx, and allies to thrive and experience safety and connection while beginning to develop the tools and agency to heal from the trauma of colonization through land and food sovereignty work and afro-indigenous cultural traditions and teachings.

All tax deductible donations can now be made to Center for an Agricultural Economy on behalf of SUSU using EIN: 57-120183 or mailed to: SUSU/CAE, PO Box 422, Hardwick VT 05843

For questions about our new fiscal sponsorship or how to make donations, please contact our Development Director

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