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circular leadership

Inspired by the teachings of our Dagara Elder, Mama Lula Christopher, much of our organizational structure and culture draws from the ideology of West African Spiritual traditions, particularly Dagara and Ifa.

These teachings are reflected in our leadership structure and our use of a circle model
to differentiate departments and organize roles within them. Based on the elemental Clans of the Dagara cosmology, our 7 circles include:

who is in what circle?


The commUNITY Circle is comprised of the entire SUSU commUNITY Farm


Executive leadership team comprised of the Co-Directors and the Board of


Fundraising and finance, informed by the Fire Keeper who sits on the Board as the Treasurer


Administrative staff as well as the Mineral Keeper who sits on the Board as the Secretary


Farm, facilities and botanica staff, the CSA coordinators as well as the Earth Keeper who sits on the Board


Program staff,
mentors, teachers, counselors and the Water Keeper who sits
on the Board.


Comprised of the advisory council which includes
members of the commUNITY that act as advisors on a volunteer basis

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