Amber Skye Arnold


Co-Steward/ Executive Director

Community Outreach

Community Food/Land Justice Advocate

Farm Educator/Program Development

Philanthropy Director


Naomi Doe Moody

Co-Steward/ Executive Director

Social Media Director

Community Food/Land Justice Advocate

Farm Educator/Program Development


Jarmal Arnold

Youth, Belonging and Place Director

Jarmal's lineage is Indigenous American Copper colored people aka Cherokee Indians - Native Caribbean bloodline Specifically Jamaica and Cuba - Nigerian/Congolese /Bantu tribes of west Africa

"Together in community we get to experience LOVE, love that heals, love that gently supports growth. Love that has boundaries and safe spaces for us to just be. Together in community we can step toward each other, to honor our reflections and differences. Together in community we get to be together, expanding what we may have once been into something more." 


Jess Salvas,


Director of Development​


Ashlei Milligan


Administrative Coordinator

Like many Black people on Turtle Island Ashlei's family has lost its connection to their ancestral lands and therefore cannot say for certain which tribes and regions they hail from. As part of the African diaspora her identity is more rooted in Black American culture than her African roots. At SUSU she hopes to learn more about West African rituals specifically and connect to her potential ancestors