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Mindful of Race

Mindful of Race

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MIndful of race:  Heeding the call for White Folx

“White supremacy is an illness. I don’t wish it on anyone—not on myself, and not on you. We have all been told a lie, and our work—particularly for those of us who say we identify with this path of liberation—is to free ourselves of that lie, to get in there and observe that construct and the ways in which it limits us from our full potential.”

Rev. Angel Kyodo Williams

White Supremacy harms everyone and is performed often unconsciously at the violent expense of BIPOC peoples. This series is intended to untangle our inherited conditioning so that we may bring awareness and radical self-compassion to transform our roots which are deeper than whiteness.

Left untended the impact of white supremacy, fragility, and privilege increase the mind of separation, competition and division, violence (thought/speech/action), avoidance of mistake making, guilt, shame, and dissociative ways of relating.  The intention of this series is to practice utilizing mindful awareness to reduce harm to ourselves, each other, and our community.   White identified beginners to mindfulness of race encouraged to participate.

An experiential invitation to cultivate + practice building our capacity as white raced peoples through the development of:

1). Mindfulness practice - supports embodied/somatic approaches to pausing/noticing/awareness of what is happening in the present.  Exploration of what is happening in the body(comfort/discomfort/extreme states) to build capacity and resourcing of our interpersonal experiences.  Develop awareness + care for defensiveness which is linked to fear of loosing power, face, privilege, comfort.

2) Speed of Trust to develop safe enough relationships (interconnectedness/belonging-reducing shame/blame).  To honor thoughtful  pace (not to be mistaken with avoidance).

3). Co-creating a culture of radical care through the invitation to embody storytelling, art, play, and co-creative expression which supports mind-body awareness and relationship development.

4). Identify what antidotes (medicines of the heart) are already at work for you!

Participants will be invited to co-create a brave space container during our first session to bring our full selves to our shared learning.

Participants are invited to develop a vision of what Love in Action looks and feels like as one’s relational compass to reduce disconnection and increase authentic connection to self, each other, and our world.


My name is L/Lysa and I am a white identifed steward of SUSU Healing Collective.

I support  personal, relational, and collective practice to enliven connection and agency with self, each other, and our world. My practice is grounded in honoring the interconnection and intersectional web of life that in this time and place advantages some at the expense of many.

My practice is inspired by the work of  Bell Hooks, Ajahn Succito, Rae Houseman, Tada Hozumi, Joanna Macy, Deborah Eden Tull, Larry Yang, Reverend Angel Kyodo, Ruth King and many, many everyday folks like you and me.

No one turned away for lack of funds.  Reach out to: lysa@susucommunityfarm.org