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frequently asked questions


As a non-traditional organization we get a lot of questions, which we love to answer!

what does "susu" mean

A "susu" (Sou Sou) is a commUNITY based loan/savings practice. The practice as SUSU community farm knows it, derives from West Africa although several cultures have different variations under different names. The word "susu" comes from "esusu", a Yoruba word.

Think of a sou-sou as a pot in which members of a community each contribute a set amount of cash. This cash is then disbursed out by lottery or rotation to a member. Members may also be able to put in requests for funds outside of the schedule, if emergencies arise. Eventually all members should receive the lump sum at least once.

why do you capitalize "unity" in community?

Because we are all part of the circle of community. A circle is the unification of many parts. There can be no community without unity.

What is the Dagara Medicine Wheel?

The Dagara Medicine Wheel is the foundation of cosmology of the Dagara tribe of West Africa. The five elements are Fire (red, south), Water (blue, north), Earth (yellow, centre), Mineral (white, west) and Nature (green, east). 

what does afroindigineous

Afro-Indigenous people are those of both African and Indigenous descent. Indigenous meaning descendant from those in an area before colonists arrived.

can you do a speaking engagement?

Perhaps! See our engagement fees here.

can you do ___ labor for free?

Maybe. See our engagement fees here. If you are a BIPOC majority AND led organization with a small budget, reach out! We may be able to work something out (including no fee!)

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